Q&A 2. All about Angels and Victoria's Secrets

My favorite thing to do online is to answer and chat on curious cat

I decided to bring some of my favorites questions here! An easy way to talk more about fashion and modeling without the formality of an entire post about each topic!

After reading almost 900 answers, I brought here some about the Angels and the brand itself!

1. Any tea about Behati Prinsloo?

I’ve always heard Behati is one of the nicest models. She's very funny and incredible to work with. The best I can give you is that she is on the way to retire from modelling, she's focusing a lot on her family and other projects, like save the rhinos. And she's not an angel anymore, but I guess everyone already notice it

2. What do you think about Romee Strijd and Laurens? I read somewhere that they started to date when she was 14 and he was 19 so creepy imo

I think is weird too, especially because 14 and 19 are such different ages, is not like 24 to 29. You're starting to understand the world at 14 and at 19 you're an adult.

But they seems a healthy couple regardless, so I wish a lot of happiness for them, especially now with their baby

3. Is Taylor Hill racist?

A few years ago she posted a video saying the n word. People came to talk her that was not nice. And apparently never apologised

4. Why do you think Karlie Kloss is overrated? I'm a Karlie fan so I'm not pissed off or anything (opinions are a thing lol) just genuinely curious :)

I think she’s overrated, but not in a crazy level, you know? I don’t like her walk, but is only a particular taste. I feel she god very inflated in the mainstream because of her friendship with Taylor.

5. Romee Strijd has walked for Ellie Saab, do you think it was any good?

Are you asking about an specific show or just in general? I don’t like romee’s walk, but I would like to watch to give a more concrete opinion

6. Can you tell us more about Candice Swanepoel and your opinion on her?

Well I absolutely love her. She was one of the first models I completely got crazy with back in 2011. No one shoots swim like her and she's the best angel VS ever had after Adriana (imo). But I wish she did more hf back in the days. I'm happy to see her in more shows today but I feel she wasted so much time focusing exclusively on VS. I definitely think she would be even bigger if she left VS in 2014. And she looks live such a sweet person

7. What do you think about Karlie Kloss

She's the best model of her genaration, but I hate when people call her supermodel. Yes, she's incredible, but not a supermodel material. And this is a little polemic but I don't like her walk

8. Don't you think it's very "ironic" that most angels are Brazilian, but there was never a parade in brazil?

Not really. The VS always did their show where would be financially interesting. Their show in London and China was exclusive because they had stores there and in fact it did increase their sales by millions. When happened in France, we can understand because Paris is the crib of fashion and lingerie. I think would be very nice to have a show here, specially if was back in 2005 where the biggest models of VS were Brazilian. But Brazil in 2005 was not a huge economy and were not financially interesting for VS. And still isn’t.

9. Thoughts about Elsa Hosk’s HF career?

Is impossible to say about something that never existed lol. Just kidding. But kinda true. Elsa only did Hf when she was very young, than her body developed and she gained more hips than the Hf likes. When she because Angel she started to do a little more in Hf but very little. I wish we could see more of her because I think she has so much potential

10. What do u think about Alessandra Ambrósio?

I’m not crazy about her career, but I like her and she seems a very nice person. Is weird because when I was young I didn’t like her personality but for some reason now I love her. She was epic on vsfs and i wish they gave her so much more attention. She was just an airbag for Adriana. What they did to her in 2017 was so unprofessional and ungrateful

11. Ale had good treatment through the years beside Adriana but I don't understand what they did her last time ? İs it because she announce it ? Karlie, Miranda, Gisele, Adriana did that too

I disagree. VS always treated Alessandra like trash, as she was an completely ordinary model who walked for the show just a few times. But is quite the opposite, she walked for fucking 17 years! She was put aside by the brand several times. She only gained her first spotlight on her 10th show, in 2009, when she opened the show. Which is the same year Adriana didn't walk because she was pregnant. If you compare both career:

Adriana used three FB (2008, 2010, 2014), opened 8 segments (2005, 2006, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) and five shows (2003, 2007-2008, 2010, 2012), closed closed 5 segments (2001, 2002, 2006, 2007, 2011) and three shows (2001, 2002, 2018), had an entire segment dedicated to her and lead the finale 8 times (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018).

Alessandra used two FB (2012, 2014), opened 5 segments (2008, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015) and one show (2009), closed three segments (2007, 2016, 2017) and never closed the show and lead the finale 3 times (2011, 2014, 2017)

Is like Adriana had 32 spotlights plus an entire segment while Alessandra had 14. Less then half even tho she walked only year less than Adriana.

On Alessandra last year they did not give any special thing for her. She was supposed to close the show but they decided to change the order of the segments and a random newcomer (Vanessa Moody) closed the show instead of her. This only shows how the brand never cared about her. She was always on Adriana shadow and she deserved so much more than vs gave to her.

12. What do you think of Romee ?

I think she’s a super sweet person! She’s one of my favorite currently angels, after Elsa (if we assume Elsa is still an Angel) I don’t really like her for Hf, but she is incredible for commercial.

13. What do u think ab the vsfs 2018

Is definitely not my favorite! Is way better than 2017, but comparing with the recent shows, I prefer 2016. I won’t compare with their golden age shows because it would be very sad.

I like Glamour Real. I love the song, and I like when the performer does not take the entire stage

Golden Angel is disappointing. It has a lot of beautiful wings and details, but I hate they put t-shirts on the models. The music was fine, not my favourite but was not horrible. And seeing Candice opening is always incredible

The segment dedicated to Adriana is super emotional and beautiful. She really deserved a very special goodbye and they did it

Flight of Fantasy looks like one hundred other segments they already did before. It wasn’t horrible, but I don’t really like slow segments. The fantasy bra was very simple to me, looked so much more like an swaroski outfit than an actual fb.

I absolutely hated pink! Don’t have much to say because it was so boring. They choose model way to young that looked like teenagers, and I do find this very problematic. Myrtle, for example, acted like a 16 year old girl. I don’t think this sort of performance should be on a lingerie show

Floral Fantasy is a nightmare. All the outfits were horrendous. Those parachute wings looked more like a sheet attracted by a hoop.

Downtown Angel is very bad. The outfits were ugly, the wings were ugly, the stage was ugly. At least Rita’s voice saved a little.

Celestial Angels is by far my favourite segment. The music was on the point, the outfits was really beautiful and the wings were super beautiful.

As I said, I don’t feel very comfortable seeing girls that looks like 14 on a lingerie show. I think this is q huge sign of why there’s so much polemic around VS. seeing Yasmin was a very good surprise! She was amazing but I wish they gave her more screen time to show all those models how to walk.

Was very nice to see Behati as well, even tho I wish they gave her an opening. For me the biggest highlight of the show was obviously Adriana, the return of Behati and Barbara. Candice being incredible as usual. I wish they didn’t have Martha two openings, they should had gave one to Sara.

14. Do u think Yasmin Wijnaldum will book another vsfs

I hope so!

She was working so much with vs in 2018 so if the show happened in 2019 I would almost be sure she was going to be there. Now is kinda hard to predict, we don’t even know what will happen with the VSFS. But I don’t see any big hindrance, she hasn’t any lingerie contract so she’s completely free. Now depends on what vs is looking for

15. Do u think Kaia Gerber will book the vsfs

That’s a hard question!

For one side, Kaia is not really the type of model VS looks for. She’s very high fashion, extremely skinny, has a very rectangle type and I particularly don’t think she has a sexy vibe. And I feel like she’s too young for vs, even tho she’s 18

On the other hand, she’s a nepomodel with a lot of visibility and we all know how much vs search those models.

But, for some reason, I don’t think Kaia wants to do vs. she never talked about them, her mom never worked with them. So I think the whole decision is on Kaia’s. If she wants to do it, they will have her

16. Is Lily Aldridge a nepo model?

Her mom was a quite prestigious model around the 70’s, she worked with playboy and did some movies. Her dad was a very famous artist and illustrated, he did the covers of The Beatles and The Who and Elton John albums. And he’s also the creator of Hard Rock Cafe logo.

For the both side of her family she was inside the cultural industry. Lily’s sister, is also a model that career is very focused on Hf and one of her brothers is a photographer and the other is an artist. And one of her half sister also work as a model/fashion influencer

17. What do u think of Sara Sampaio as a model?

I like her for Victoria’s Secret! She really suits the brand. And I love her beauty ads for Armani, she’s incredibly beautiful so is perfect for beauty. But her Hf work isn’t good. But I guess she sees herself as a commercial model, she barely does Hf or fashion shows, so I would say she’s a great model for what she puts herself to do.

18. Do you think the vsfs will ever come back? And that Vs will be as relevant as it used to be?

Is hard to say for sure, because they never said anything about the show, even back in 2019 when the rumors of the show being cancelled started. But I guess they wouldn’t end their show without a big goodbye. Especially because even tho the show and the brand faced countless polemics, the 2018 show had more than 20 millions views.

But I do think if they come back, they will have a lot of changes, especially because Ed Razek left the brand. I guess they will sign a contract with a streaming company, maybe Netflix or HBO. They will have more diversity when it comes to body and races and even bring older models like Helena and Daniela.

But I think they will never be as relevant as their golden age. Models now are not what they used to be. The show was build with the idea of having the biggest models on earth there, and the models were everywhere and selling millions of dollars. Now people don’t care that much about models, they aren’t the superstars as they were. VS was the biggest lingerie brand, and now they have so many competitors, especially Savagexfenty.

19. Savage is hyped because of Rihanna I don't think that anyone buy it it's ugly and tacky not like vs & etam

About the brand itself: I also don’t like it. The quality is incredibly low and is very overpriced. I tried one bra two years ago and was horrendous! Terrible fit, terrible fabric, very uncomfortable, the construction of the piece is poor and I guess woman with more boobs would find not supportive enough. This is something very common to brand that manufactures in China ( and mass produced, on top). They sell to you a very “chic and exclusive” conversation but they deliver an Aliexpress sort of product.

About the show: I think they’re more to a spectacular show like Fuerza Bruta than an actual fashion show. I’m really sensitive with lights and I almost passed out on vol. 2. I hate light blinking and this made me lost all my mood for the show. But the show is currently serving something very important to the young community: diversity. This aspect plus rihanna equals viral.

And I particularly find ABSURD how they used a sacral Muslim song and no one said a thing. The brand never apologized and just took it out from Amazon. Imagine how this would be huge if was any other brand, specially vs

20. How tall do you think Sara Sampaio actually is? She can’t be 5’7”! she looks like about 5’5” - 5’6” to me but idk

Same with Barbara Palvin. What do u think?

I believe Sara is 167cm at best!!

When Barbara started modelling, in 2006, she was listed at 167cm, so I dare to say she was around 163cm. And she was 13. Some girls grow more than other during tenage years, but I can't believe she's taller than 172cm. Jasmine is (being very nice to her) 174cm, and you can see a height difference between then

I hope you liked it!! If you want to ask me anything, feel free to either send me on my cc or to send a message here!

See you in the next Q&A

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