Q&A 1. All about Angels and Victoria's Secret

My favorite thing to do online is to answer and chat on curious cat

I decided to bring some of my favorites questions here! An easy way to talk more about fashion and modeling without the formality of an entire post about each topic!

After reading almost 900 answers, I brought here some about the Angels and the brand itself!

1. Do u believe vsfs will make a comeback? If so, do u think things are going to be different than they were?

I don’t think they would end their 20 years of history ( and being the most-watched fashion) show without saying anything. I think they will come back in 2021, or when the whole pandemic situation gets better. They will definitely sign a contract with a streaming service, probably netflix or YouTube, since Rihanna and amazon are together. And they probably will add more plus-size models on the runway, that’s for sure. But I think the format will stay the same, or at least very similar to what they already do

2. So like about victoria's secret models and angels, when your either you signed a contract with them, and when your an angel you were like just picked to be one, right??

Yes. You became an angel when you sign a contract with them. A regular model can be picked to do some jobs with them, like show or catalog ( for example, Daniela Braga did the a few shows and is on their website all the time, but she's not an angel). Is not possible to know exactly what contains on an angel contract, but we know it require a lot of exclusivity and you cannot work for lingerie/concurrent brands, like Fenty, La Perla or Intimissimi

3. What are some models that were doing really well until they signed with victoria's secret?

This is so hard to answers!! There is not one right path in the industry. For example, Behati has quite big at HF before becoming an Angel. But she gained so much more recognition after joining VS. talking exclusively about HF, I wish we had seen more of Candice! She just returned after apparently leaving VS and I’m loving to seeing her walking for major brands. Kate Grigorieva had a lot of potential and I guess her year contract with VS let everything cooled down and she never returned with the same buzz. The same happened to Jac Jagaciak as well.

4. Why barbara palvin destroyed her career by signing a contract with vs?

In my opinion, VS is incredible to launch models. For example, if was not for VS, Candice, Adriana, Alessandra, Romee, Jasmine, Martha, Josephine and tons of other former angels who were not famous or big before would not be as famous and big as they are right now.

And obviously, I'm talking about when VS was at their peak. VS is no longer the empire they was, people don't consume vs anymore, does not pay that well anymore, and has a quite bad reputation. So she basically sign a contract of exclusivity with a third category brand.e until your contract end. Is very common to see models who were huge before signing with them, like Chanel Iman, who after leaving stop booking jobs because the industry changed and she was not in demand anymore.

And obviously I'm talking about VS when they were their peak. VS is no longer the empire that once was, people don't consume VS anymore, does not pay that well anymore, and has a quite bad reputation, not only in the industry. So is basically sign a contract of exclusivity with a third category brand.

5. what’s your favorite vsfs moments?

Some of them!!

-Gisele Bündchen opening VSFS 2005

-Karolina Kurkova opening Sexy Toys

-Gisele Bündchen opening VSFS 2006

-Candice Swanepoel opening VSFS 2013

6. Best vs show in your opinion

Of all time I think is 2005. But I love 2006 and 2012 as well!

7. It infuriates me how VS never had an East Asian Angel! Like Ming Xi and Sui He are right there and they still chose to ignore them...racist pretty much?

Yes!! VS has a very problematic behavior towards Asian models.

The first Asian model (Liu Wen) walked in 2009, after 15 shows without one.

In 2010 she was also the only Asian on the show.

In 2011 they include Sui He. 2 Asians on the show.

In 2012 they included Shu Pei 3. 3 Asians on the show.

In 2013 both Liu and Shu didn’t participate. So was only Sui He and Ming Xi. 2 Asians on the show

In 2014 was Sui and Ming again. 2 Asian models. And also Yumi Lambert, who’s Belgium but her grandmother is Japanese. She has a very Japanese look so some people also consider her.

In 2015 was the same models of 2014. 2/3 Asian models.

In 2016 they had 4 Asian models: Liu Wen, Ming Xi, Sui He and Xiao Wen Ju.

In 2017 they had SEVEN Asian models: Estelle Chen, Liu Wen, Ming Xi, One Wang, Sui He, Xiao Wen Ju and Xie Xie.

In 2018 they had 4. Estelle Chen, Liu Wen, Ming Xi and Sui He.

Why I think they behavior is extremely problematic:

Until 2009, not even a single Asian model has walked in the show. And let’s face it, 4 models in a show of 50 models is very short amount.

In 2016, VS was planning to open a store in Shangai. Suddenly, they add Asian newcomers to the show.

When VS opened the store in China, they did a promotional trip called “Angel in route” where they used Sui He and Ming Xi (Along with Angels Josephine Skriver and Alessandra Ambrosio). So after years without using a Asian model in their campaign, they decided to add two. And is not because they want to be nice or diverse!

Everything got more obvious when they booked more Asian model than never seen before on the 2017 show, which took place in Shangai, China.

Is very important to mention, Chinese are incredibly loyal to their models. Liu Wen is like a goddess there. If you watch Romee’s vlog about the 2017 show, you can see girls crying and holding pictures Liu.

But after the store was opened and people already new it, they cut almost half of the Asian of the show.

In 2019, Sui He and Ming Xi became “Chinese angels”. Which is basically a ambassador of the brand in the Chinese territory. They feautured 2 campaign that only went to China. So is like: you guys are good to make us money out of Chinese costumers, but not good enough to be on a regular VS campaign. After this flop, Ming Xi never appeared or worked with the brand again. However, Sui is constantly see on their ads.

They don’t give a shit about diversity, only when it comes with a lot of money. They don’t want Asian models on their campaign unless it brings money to their pockets. This is so fucked up of the brand and is sad that people don’t talk about it.

8. What’s your opinion about Behati Prinsloo?

I love her for VS, but (In my opinion) she’s far from being an incredible model. But she has a lot of charisma, this makes me like her a lot. I wish she wore the fantasy bra!!

9. Who is the best Angel currently for you (I don’t consider Candice, because I know she’s not anymore)

Elsa, if she still an Angel. If not, Romee

10. Do you know if Candice is dating anyone right now?

Sorry, I don't know. There was some rumours she was dating someone last year (2019), but I haven’t heard anything since then. So if was true, they may broke up or keep really private.

11. Do you prefer Adriana or Gisele?

As an angel, Adriana.

As a model, Gisele.

12. Any tee on Doutzen Kroes?

Besides her being the dumbest model ever?

She is one of those models I can't even talk about without getting extremely pissed.

13. Why doesn’t Rosie book as much work anymore?

Rosie decided to focus more on her acting career back in 2010. I guess this is the main reason why her career slowed down. And obviously she aged and that’s a natural thing to happen in the modeling industry. I think now she sees herself more as an influencer/fashionista than an actually model, considering she quit IMG and signed with CAA for a while now. She did a collection with ugg and recently with Jimmy Choo. And she is super present on her Instagram and Rose inc.

So I dare to say quit modeling was her own decision.

14. Adriana or Alessandra?

For VS, Adriana.

For HF, Alessandra.

15. What are your favorite vsfs angels?

Of currently angels, Romee. Of all time, Candice and Adriana.

16. What do u think about Valentina Sampaio?

If she was just a regular model, I would not care enough about her. But is so incredible to see a transgender model having success. She deserves everything she’s getting and I cannot wait to see her on the next vsfs.

17. Do you think Gisele should have continued on vsfs?

I would love to see more of her in vs, but I do think she left in the right time

18. Elsa Hosk is no longer an Angel?

I'm pretty sure she left. But there isn’t anything official about it. But usually when models left, they never announced… The only two who made their leaving public was Alessandra and Adriana (At least recently).

19. Your opinion about Taylor Hill

She's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. She's a great commercial model and she's also really good with beauty campaigns.

Her catwalk is horrendous and she's far from being my favorite angel. And her opening at VSFS 2018 was the worst I ever seen

20. Any tea on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

"notorious for never returning clothes, shoes and jewelry which were loaned to her for events. I'm talking real fur coats and bulgari jewelry. pretty sure she was blacklisted by brands and pr's, because nothing was ever available for her once her behaviour became known"

I hope you liked it!! If you want to ask me anything, feel free to either send me on my cc or to send a message here!

See you in the next Q&A

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