Vogue US in 2020

About Vogue US:

⚬ Editor-in-chief: Anna Wintour

⚬ Based in: NYC

⚬ Since: November, 1891

January featuring Stella McCartney and her children, Miller, Bailey, Reiley and Beckett

⚬ January featuring Ashley Graham

⚬ January featuring Cardi B and her daughter, Kulture

⚬ January featuring Greta Gerwig and her son, Harold

February featuring Florence Pugh

March featuring Billie Eilish

April featuring Ugbad Abdi, Adut Akech and Kaia Gerber

May featuring Gal Gadot

June/July featuring "Rose, Colour Wonder" by Irving Penn

August featuring Simone Biles

September/Hope Issue featuring illustration by Jordan Casteel

September/Hope Issue featuring illustration by Kerry James Marshall

October featuring Lizzo

November featuring Naomi Campbell (my favorite cover!)

December featuring Harry Styles

I'm not the biggest fan of the American edition, but I need to say this year was not as bad as previously. The January issue was extremely cute and definitely stick to the "vogue values" philosophy. February was okay, not perfect but one of the best covers with an actress in the history of the magazine. March was also okay, Billie brings a very artistic aesthetic to the cover, so I cannot complain much. May is boring. June/ July is extremely poetic and one of my favorites! August brings very strong covers, giving a huge powerful vibe to the magazine. September is very inclusive and also artistic. October is very commercial but is incredible to see a plus-size woman on the cover ( and I love Lizzo). November is my favorite, I love Naomi Campbell and the cover story was in point. December is iconic, the first time a man covers the American edition by itself. And I love the genderless clothes trend so I need to say I was very happy to see it. What about you? Did you like the year? What's your favorite cover?

Thank you so much for reading!!

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