Vogue Portugal in 2020

About Vogue Portugal:

Editor-in-chief: Sofia Lucas

Based in: Lisboa

Since: September, 2002

⚬ January featuring Jazzelle Zanaughtti

⚬ February featuring Taylor Hill

⚬ March featuring Ola Rudnicka

⚬ April featuring Lily Stewart

⚬ April featuring Bibiána Baltovičová and Adam Bardy (my favorite!)

⚬ May/June by José Santana

⚬ July/August featuring Robina Sommer

⚬ July/August featuring Marjan Jonkman

⚬ July/August featuring Simona Kirchnerova

⚬ September/Hope Issue by José Santana

⚬ October featuring Emily Nunes

⚬ November featuring James Charles

⚬ December featuring Anu

⚬ December featuring Anu and Bong Kim

⚬ December featuring Laura Hanson Sims

Vogue Portugal has been my favorite edition for a few years now. Their artistic direction is magnificent and their covers are the perfect match of fashion and art. I know this year Vogue Portugal was surrounded by polemic, especially because of their madness issue and the romanticization of the Covid-19 polemic. But, to be completely honest, I didn't saw like that. I thought both issues were completely beautiful and make the hard life we all experience this year a little more artistic. January isn't my favourite. I mean, is only an eye; I don't really understand the concept behind the cover. February is beautiful. Taylor is extremely pretty and a cover focus on her face is hard to look ugly. March is not my favorite (at all) but I don't hate it or anything. I loved April's covers. Is my favorite covid-19 cover and I will defend it until the end of my days! I don't like may, I don't really like the chosen colors, for me red+black+white= nazism. July aka the polemic one: I love it!!! September is cute, but I don't feel the "hope" in it. I expected a more deep cover, but I don't dislike this one, I just expected something more strong. October is cute- just cute- nothing else. November is BEAUTIFUL. I didn't expect I would like a YouTuber's cover, but here I am. So artistic! December is kinda weird. Am I the only one who sees a vagina? If they released only Laura's one I would be so happier with it.

So what do you think about Vogue Portugal? Did you like the covers? What do you expect to see on their 2021 covers?

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