Vogue in 2021: February

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Check all vogue covers of February 2021

⚬ Vogue US featuring vice-president elected Kamala Harris. Shot by Tyler Mitchell

⚬ Vogue Arabia featuring Sheikha Hala Bint Duaij Al Khalifa, Sheikha Intisar AlSabah, Sayyida Basma Al Said, Sheikha Reem Al-Thani, Princess Lamia Bint Majed Saud Alsaud and, Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum. Shot by Ali Sharaf

⚬ Vogue Australia featuring Amanda Seyfried. Shot by Lachlan Bailey

⚬ Vogue Brazil featuring Allana Santos Brito and Laiza de Moura. Shot by Edgar Azevedo

⚬ Vogue UK featuring Dua Lipa. Shot by Emma Summerton

⚬ Vogue China featuring Kendall Jenner. Shot by Autumn de Wilde

⚬ Vogue Czechoslovakia (Jan/Feb) featuring Sasha Luss and Juliane Grüner. Respectively shot by Lucian Bor and Florian & Sebastian

⚬ Vogue Germany (Jan/Feb) featuring Heidi Klum and her daughter, Leni. Shot by Chris Colls

⚬ Vogue Greece (Jan/Feb) featuring Diane Kruger, Taylor Hill, and Twiggy. Shot by Nico Bustus

⚬ Vogue Hong Kong featuring Akon Changkou, Lexi Boling, Estelle Chen, Taylor Hill and, Luna Bijl. Shot by Luigi & Iango

⚬ Vogue India Haima Simoes and, Shruti Venkatesh. Shot by Bikramjit Bose

⚬ Vogue Italy featuring Lavinia Di Alessandri and Meron Kidane. Shot by Carlos Nazario

⚬ Vogue Japan featuring Rianne Van Rompaey. Shot by Luigi & Iango

⚬ Vogue Korea featuring Sora Choi. Shot by Hyea W. Kang

⚬ Vogue Latin America featuring Blesnya Minher. Shot by Miguel Reveriego

⚬ Vogue Mexico featuring Thalia. Shot by Bjorn Ioss

⚬ Vogue Netherlands (Jan/Feb) featuring Joy Delima, Lydia Kloss, Bodil Ouedraogo, Keanna Willaims, Dantè Kedde, Nora El Koussour and Gaidaa. Shot by Julia Marino

⚬ Vogue Paris featuring Anna Ewers. Shot by Inez & Vinoodh

⚬ Vogue Poland (Jan/Feb) starring Birgit Kos. Shot by Sonia Szostak

⚬ Vogue Portugal (Jan/Feb) featuring Yumi Lambert, Maria and Alexandra, Eneida Arango Pèrez and Jose Luis Hernández Hermoso. Shot by Alexandre Desmidt, Debora Brune and Lou Escobar (respectively)

⚬ Vogue Russia featuring Lola Nicon and Freek Iven. Shot by Giampaolo Sgura

⚬ Vogue Singapore featuring Yasmin Wijnaldum. Shot by Roe Ethridge

⚬ Vogue Spain featuring Jill Kortleve. Shot by Giampaolo Sgura

⚬ Vogue Taiwan featuring Hilda Lee. Shot by Chou Mo

⚬ Vogue Thailand featuring Abby Champion. Shot by Greg Swales

⚬ Vogue Turkey featuring Simona Kust. Shot by Marcin Kempski

⚬ Vogue Ukraine featuring Sara Blomqvist. Shot by by Cedric Bihr

Covers to be released:

⚬ Vogue Scandinavia (28th member of the Vogue family, will launch as an English-language digital and print platform in 2021, representing Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland. According to rumours, will be released in August)

What's your favorite cover of the month??

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