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Vogue China in 2020

About Vogue China

Editor-in-chief: Angelina Cheung

Based in: Beijing

Since: August, 2005

The model with most covers in 2020: Liu Wen (January & November)

⚬ January featuring Liu Wen, Zhou Xun, Hugo Hu Chris Lee, and Jackson Yee

⚬ February featuring Du Juan, Lina Zhang, He Cong, Tang He, and Pao Hao Wen

⚬ March featuring Chris Lee

⚬ April featuring Liu Yifei

⚬ May featuring Cara Taylor

⚬ June featuring Billie Eilish

⚬ July featuring Zhou Dongyu

⚬ August featuring Natalia Vodianova

⚬ September/Hope Issue featuring Zhang Ziyi

⚬ November featuring Liu Wen

⚬ December featuring Kaia Gerber

Vogue China is one of my favourite asian Vogue. I was so upsed when Angelica annouced her retirement that makes me appreciate the edition even more. I love how she's constantly putting chinese models on their cover. The Liu Wen through six different photographers is incredible! I don't april/may covers but I do understand the importance of putting chinese female artist on the covers. Kaia's cover is horrible. It made China edition fell a few positions on my ranking, but what can I do? I really like Cara and Natalia's, but the best is february! The colors, the models, everything is so put together. I loved so much.

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