Vogue Arabia in 2020

About Vogue Arabia:

⚬ Editor-in-chief: Manuel Arnaut

⚬ Based in: Dubai

⚬ Since: October, 2016

⚬ January featuring Tilila Oulhaj

January featuring Haya Abdulsalam

⚬ February featuring Nadine Nassib Njeim

⚬ March featuring Assala Nasri

⚬ March featuring Yousra

⚬ March featuring Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi

⚬ April featuring Eman Deng

⚬ April by el Seed. Featuring the word “United” in calligraphy

⚬ May featuring Imaan Hammam

⚬ May featuring Constance Jablonski

⚬ May featuring Nora Attal

⚬ May featuring Eva Herzigová

⚬ June featuring Majida El Roumi

⚬ July/August featuring Kourtney Kardashian

⚬ September/Hope Issue featuring Mila Abouchalbak

⚬ September/Hope Issue featuring Hend Sabri

⚬ October featuring Farida Khelfa

⚬ November featuring Lily Collins ( The first is my favourite of all year)

⚬ December featuring Cindy Bruna

⚬ December featuring Cindy Bruna and Mohammed Ashi

⚬ December featuring Amira Al Zuhair

⚬ December featuring Amira Al Zuhair, Sophie Alshehry, and Domie

⚬ December featuring Dana Alsnan, Alaa Alzahrani, Nujood Alanbari, Saba Alkhamis and Dania Alghamdi

What do you like the most about Vogue Arabia this year? I loved how they're super proud of their culture and are constantly putting Arabic starts on their covers. The Amira's solo cover is incredible, but Lily Collins completely stole the scene.

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